Affordable Handmade Noodles and Gnocchi

Give your customers the option for delicious, authentic Italian pasta by choosing Pasta Works, Inc as your supplier. We produce everything from egg noodles to Italian gnocchi at our facility in Chisholm, MN, and we supply to Italian markets, restaurants, and retail markets all over the country. It’s all handmade, fresh, and available for specialty order.

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Family Owned and Operated

When you choose Pasta Works, Inc as your supplier of fine Italian goods, you're supporting a local, family-owned and operated company that is dedicated to excellence. Our mission is not only to create pasta that's kneaded, rolled, and cut the old-fashioned way, but also to consistently provide the freshest possible taste without charging exorbitant prices. 

Every product we offer is made without preservatives and comes in perfect family-style portions, making it easy for your customers to have the authentic Italian pasta and gnocchi they crave any day of the week! 

Give your customers the fresh, delicious Italian goods they deserve by choosing Alberto's Noodles manufactured by Pasta Works, Inc. Once word spreads that you carry our brands, you won't be able to keep it on the shelves.

Our Products Are 100% Natural

Why stock your shelves with processed foods when you don’t have to? All the handmade noodles  we offer are kneaded, rolled, cut, and nested the old fashioned way. Our gnocchi is hand made and frozen. With no added preservatives we have the freshest pasta, egg noodles, and gnocchi, so they cook fast and are a great option. Get the premium noodles and gnocchi you deserve. We're known for meeting customer demands on time and at the price we quoted. 

Everything is Handmade

There's nothing better than a warm plate of egg noodles or Italian-style linguine after a hard day's work. For the freshest and most affordable pasta and gnocchi look no further than Alberto's Noodles. Even though our products are sold nationwide through a broker, don't hesitate to reach out to us to find out where you can purchase or order our products. We'll accommodate orders of less than a pallet. 

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Spend Less for Premium Pasta

With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, there are many ways to satisfy your family with handmade noodles and gnocchi from Alberto's Noodles. Plus, our pasta is very affordable and easy to prepare! 

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